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Travel to Croatia - Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Solin, Salona, Dubrovnik

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Zagreb Croatia
Zagreb, Capital of the Republic of Croatia
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Croatia's official name is the Republic of Croatia. It is located in southern Europe and bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, and the Adriatic Sea. The official language is Croatian. Other languages that are spoken widely in the country include Serbian, Italian, Slovenian, and Hungarian. The official currency is the Kuna.

Along the Adriatic coastline, the climate tends to be Mediterranean with hot, dry summers. The coastal mountains are high and protective of the coast, diverting cold, northerly winds.

Dubrovnik Fortress
Medieval Fortress Guarding Dubrovnik
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Since 1957, its capital city has been Zagreb. The city is a blend of the past with the present. The town of Solin includes the ruins of a city from ancient times, Salona. This ancient city dates back to the time of Julius Caesar.

Dubrovnik, a town with marbled squares and cobblestones, offers sightseeing splendors including museums, fountains, palaces, and churches. Its walls date back to the time between the 13th and the 16th centuries.

Mljet Island
Mljet Island
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Mljet Island is mainly a land of forests with a few small towns and vineyards. Its national park offers saltwater lakes, pretty coves, and outdoor activities. A Benedictine monastery, built in the 12th century, features some of the original Romanesque styling along with the styles of the Renaissance and Baroque that were added during remodeling.

The most popular tourist attraction in Croatia is Plitvice Lakes National Park. This national park includes 16 lakes located between the mountains of Licka Pljesevica, Medvedak and Mala Kapela on the Plitvice plateau. There's an abundance of walking and hiking trails that allow easy access to the distinctly colored lakes, beautiful waterfalls and other scenery. Thick forests surround the lakes, making a home for many wild animals. Most notable is that there are well over 100 different bird species located there, including various rare species.

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