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Travel to Estonia in Europe to See Tallinn, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn Capital of Estonia
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Estonia's official name is the Republic of Estonia. The official language is Estonian. However, English is widely spoken in most of the tourist spots. The official currency is the Kroon. It is located in northern Europe, sharing borders with Latvia and Russia, as well as the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland.

The weather is very cold during the winter months with Russian winds adding to the crisp air's coldness. The months from May to September are much warmer, although the temperature can rarely be described as hot.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Tallinn, Estonia
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Its capital city is Tallinn. The older section of the city includes medieval walls, tall spires, and cobbled paths. However, modernized ways and architecture have also found their way to this city. Old Town Tallinn is home to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an orthodox church constructed when the country was part of the Russian Empire.

Some of the many fascinating sites to see include the Lutheran
Windmill on Saaremaa
Windmill on Saaremaa Island
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cathedral from 1233, the Estonian Art Museum, and the Russian Orthodox Cathedral that dates back to the 19th century.

The island of Saaremaa is the largest one. It is sparsely populated and therefore it presents a rural landscape unpopulated by modern structures and devices.

Hiiumaa Islets Landscape Reserve houses over one hundred species of birds as well as over six hundred species of plants. Naissaar has a variety of interesting places to visit including a 19th century cemetery for English sailors. The forests there are thick and cover over half the island.

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