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Chile Travel Info - Visit Santiago, Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama

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Santiago, Chile at Dusk
Santiago, Chile and the Andes Mountains at Sunset
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The official name of Chile, a country in South America, is the Republic of Chile. It is bordered by the countries of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, as well as the Pacific Ocean and the Drake Passage. The official languages are Spanish and Latin American Spanish. However, Rapanui and Aymara are also widely spoken in many spots. The official currency is the Chilean Peso. The main religion practiced here is Catholicism.

Its capital city is Santiago, a modern and bustling metropolis with a view of the Andes mountains that has grown tremendously from small beginnings. The Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende is full of unique works of art from the 1970s including some from such artists as Matta, Miró, and Tapies.
Moai on Easter Island
Moai Stone Statues on Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
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The largest open space in Santiago is the Parque Metropolitano featuring beautiful gardens, a zoo, and awesome views.

Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui) sits west of Chile and is made up of the Poike, Rano Kau and Terevaka volcanoes. Remote, yet inhabited, this island has a distinctive Polynesian flavor. Easter Island is most famous for its stone statues that are called moai, which can be found in Rapa Nui National Park and along the coastlines.

Geysers in Atacama
Geysers in Atacama
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One of the most popular spots to visit in Chile is San Pedro de Atacama. It offers easy access to the northern altiplano. Here one can visit numerous lakes, salt flats, and geysers. Within the town, one can visit a museum that features interesting archeological finds. A nearby tourist destination within the Atacama Desert is Salar de Atacama, an enormous salt area inhabited by flamingos.

The Parque Nacional Lauca is replete with Andean gulls, alpaca, llama, flamingos, and more than one hundred different species of birds. One of the highest lakes, Lago Chungara in the world can be found here as well. It lies at the base of dormant volcanoes.

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