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Denmark - Copenhagen, Trelleborg, Rabjerg Mile, Nationalmuseet

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Denmark, officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark, is one of the countries in Scandinavian, as well as being the southernmost Nordic country. It shares a border with Germany, and is bordered by the Baltic Sea and North Sea. January and February are very cold in Denmark, but May through September present much warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, rain is frequently a part of the weather pattern.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, is a city that features an authentic taste of the past. Six story buildings are scattered everywhere in this city that takes only half an hour to travel across.

Carnivals and festivals occur throughout the year celebrating something different each time. Although Danish is the official language, English and German are commonly spoken as well. Walking activities will take you past gorgeous gardens, while cycling jaunts are easy since much of Copenhagen is flat in terrain.

Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle
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Egeskov Castle is more than just an ancient building with a drawbridge and moat. It sits upon thousands of tree trunks in the middle of a tiny lake. Hunting trophies and exquisite paintings adorn the walls of this castle that dates back to 1554.

One of the Viking ring fortresses, Trelleborg, includes a museum, several reconstructed buildings, and the original earthen mound. Nationalmuseet, the National Museum, showcases some of the world's finest Danish artifacts including those left by the Vikings.

Visit the drifting sand dunes of Rabjerg Mile for a change of pace. This phenomenon sits on the western coast and slowly drifts a bit closer to the forests of Denmark each year.

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