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Vacation in Norway - Travel to Oslo, Bergen, Telemark

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The Kingdom of Norway, the official title of Norway, is one of the three Scandinavian countries. It is also one of the five Nordic countries. It shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia, as well as the North Atlantic Ocean.

Oslo, Norway
Harbor in Oslo, Norway
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Norway is a true delight for the seeker of natural treasures. This land full of glaciers, fjords, and mountains is often referred to as the "land of the midnight sun." The summers are long, and the land is replete with rolling hills and warm beaches.

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and it is its largest city. However, the central part of Norway features some of its highest mountains, largest glaciers, and interesting fjords. Bergen, one of its most historic cities, is an excellent location to view the fjords.

The Emanuel Vigeland Museum pays tribute to the works or many artistic creations of Emanuel Vigeland. His works portray many aspects of human life, sometimes in a very indiscreet manner.

Vigeland Gardens
Statues in the Vigeland Gardens in Oslo, Norway
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The Norsk Folkemuseum is a fascinating display of approximately 150 buildings that date back as far as the 13th century. Old barns, rustic farmhouses, unique pharmacies, banks, and post offices are interspersed throughout this interestingly set up open air museum that also features a 20th century display of old petrol station and general store.

Heddal stave church, located in Telemark, dates back to 1242. Church services still take place, but visitors are requested to attend the entire service rather than traipsing in and out for a few minutes. The church has a few unique points of interest including the bishop's chair, the altarpiece, a runic inscription, and several interesting frescoes.

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