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Vacation in Sweden - Travel to Stockholm, Visby, Tyresta National Park

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Sweden is officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden. Located in Northern Europe, on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Sweden is a Nordic country. It shares borders with the countries of Norway and Finland. Although Swedish is the official language, English is also widely spoken along with a smattering of other languages. Perhaps the best time to visit is during the months between May and July due to the almost nine hours of daily sunshine.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
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The country's capital, Stockholm, offers a beautiful spot to visit as well as a mix of quaint village places and modern aspects. One of the sights to see while here is the Royal Palace. It was built to replace the original palace that burned in the late 1600s.

Tyresta National Park is beautiful. It features small lakes and marshes. A wide variety of birds can be found there along with some very old pine trees.

Visby Harbor
City of Visby, Sweden Viewed from Harbor
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The port of Visby dates back to medieval times. The ruins of numerous churches stand as reminders of what once was. Gothenburg features an amusement park, Liseberg, that offers many exciting rides including the Spaceport Liseberg. You will also find a grand harbor at Gothenburg.

The Victoria Hotel dates back to the early 17th century. Interspersed throughout the small rooms and overlarge suites are a variety of grandfather clocks, antiques, and artwork. The hotel was named after Admiral Lord Nelson's main ship; therefore, nautical memorabilia is abundant as well.

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