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Road Trips: Travel Games to Keep Everyone Amused

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Before your next road trip, plan on playing a few fun travel games to keep your family entertained. Adults as well as kids love playing games, and the games that use creativity and imagination are often more entertaining than expensive store-bought games. Fun and creative travel games will keep everyone busy, and you'll reach your destination with fewer conflicts and complaints than ever before.

License Plate Math

This is a travel game that's fun to play, and it's a good way for everyone in the family to brush up on math skills. Have family members choose different vehicles, and ask them to announce the vehicle of their choice while traveling down the highway. Each person is to add up the numbers on the license plate of the vehicle they have chosen, and whoever ends up with the highest number is the winner of that round. To minimize confusion, family members can choose vehicle colors in advance of beginning the game.

Finish the Story

If you want a fun game for kids of all ages, this travel game is an absolute winner. Start the game by telling the beginning of a story. Begin with a short four or five word phrase, and have each participant add to the story. It can start out ordinary and turn into a hilarious comedy or a spine-tingling mystery. This fun and addicting game is a great way to pass the time while traveling with the family.

State License PlatesState Plates

It's interesting to see different state license plates while traveling the highways, and what better way to point them out than with a fun travel game that keeps everyone alert and entertained? Keep a notebook and pencil at hand while traveling, and list all of the states in alphabetical order. Have family members watch for license plates that aren't from the state you're passing through, and make a checkmark next to the corresponding state on the list. It's fun to see how many vehicles are traveling from various states, and it's a great way to pass the time while taking road trips with kids. At the end of the day, you can point out fun statistics regarding the license plates you noted.

Guessing Game

Guessing GamesThis guessing game is similar to the familiar game of twenty questions, but this travel game allows more guesses and more interaction to make it even more fun. Have someone think of a person, place, or thing related to the trip, and have family members take turns asking questions to try and guess the answer. In this exciting travel game, the family member with the subject in mind can say more than yes or no, and they can provide as many or as few clues as they want. Whoever guesses correctly gets to begin this fun and amusing travel game once again.

Being stuck in a car for long periods can make kids bored and parents frustrated. By keeping kids entertained with travel games along the way, long road trips can fly by quickly, so everyone is in a better mood once you reach the destination.

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