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Visit Finland - Travel the Lemmenjoki National Park, Snow Castle, Moomin World

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Helsinki, Finland
Early morning in Helsinki, Finland
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Finland offers a range of weather that includes mild rains and sloppy sleet. Summers are rather pleasant while the winters can be quite cold. Gorgeous sunsets, unique architecture and handsome wildlife are abundant in Finland.

Adventurous treks can be taken in Lemmenjoki National Park. The landscape is quite arctic in appearance and the Ravadaskongas waterfalls are an awesome sight. Moomin World is an exciting park full of attractions that are suited for the entire family. Its island location adds to the atmosphere created by numerous exhibits and rides.

Olavinlinna Castle
Olavinlinna Castle, a Medieval Castle in Finland
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Olavinlinna Castle, one of the medieval castles in northern Europe, is located near the Savonlinna Lakes. Tours are available for viewing this castle with its red towers that was designed to protect the Swedish-Finnish empire.

Every winter, a Snow Castle, complete with bar and restaurant, is recreated for all to enjoy. Tables are crafted from ice, covered with reindeer fur, and surrounded by ice sculptures. The Valamo Orthodox Monastery has an extravagant offering of wines made from raspberries, strawberries, black currants, and crowberries.

Finland celebrates its own unique annual events including wife carrying contests and Sleepyhead Day. Functions that are more common are also planned including jazz festivals, rock concerts, and opera events.

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